7 thoughts on “Prideful Pair

  1. oh no
    It was so funny in itself seeing these two guys
    sitting on little flowered chairs.

    Although these green ones are obviously great comedy
    props too. You don’t have room for another set/backdrop setup do you?


    • The flower pattern chair is still there, it’s back by the guard and should remain. For now, this is probably the only Palp’s Pad set there will be. It’s pretty modular and can accommodate several angles of shooting. The green pair do take up a considerable amount of space… but I think they are going to be worth it.


  2. I know Vader probably had little choice given the selection, but the green doesn’t really seem to match the room’s decor. It’s like the plaid chair in Frasier Crane’s apartment 😉

    Excellent strip.



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