Free Fetts

Previously…. Boba’s Suit and now…


7 thoughts on “Free Fetts

    • A real (loose) vintage Boba Fett is hardly worth hundreds, cared yes. A real vintage Rocket Firing Boba Fett is actually worth thousands. However, it is costing Hasbro very little to produce this new Rocket Firing Fett due to the fact that it’s basically using a mold which has been around for thirty years. Very little if any new tooling, creativity or anything of the matter. From this “free” figure they are gaining profit from five figures we purchase in the stores and I’m sorry… but it will not cost them $6.99 to handle and ship the thing… thus they are making profit off that as well.


      • well, I would’ve said it costs thousands anyway, but then I looked on eBay and saw one, still in package, that was $999.99, which would round to 1,000, but I considered it hundreds.


  1. tk427 no! no!! no!!! as yoda would say i have 4 1976 boba fett that rocket came out they was sent to me befor the word got out sansweet know me and uncle is george harris look 4 the black in harry potter black hawk down the org flash gorden but any way i have very $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$the rocket work kenner said if your not happy will give u 5 or 10 buck 4 it i said not me im keep this u can send for a pic i want 15.000 for each of them loll but the line is he’s no good to me dead put the other boba fett back in the other cargo hold lol lol loll



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