Hanging Out


14 thoughts on “Hanging Out

  1. I think this strip was great. You should do more in the wild.

    Hey, while were talking about the future, where is the long-promised Talent Night III video? Is it still in the works or has it been canned?


    • Sorry to say, it’s pretty much been canned. It’s gotten to be nearly impossible to get anything with music hosted on the internet. YouTube won’t load half of it or it will get taken down for “copyright” stuff and I can’t even get it to load onto Photobucket. I just can’t justify putting that much time into something that no one would get to see. The audio track is still saved so who knows…. maybe one day.


  2. I was at my Wal-Mart a week or two ago and realized that all six bounty hunters were on the pegs, but not all of them were fronting. I already had them all, but I did make a point of lining the six of them up along six of the lowermost pegs, right at kiddie eye level.


  3. It’s a shame to go from completely empty pegs with $4.50 price tags to overflowing pegs with $7.96 price tags. I noticed WM has them down to $6.96 now. Still waaaaayyy too much product there now though.


  4. A wild shot now and than is nice. Personally I prefer the settings at the bar or other movie scenes.
    Did you guys now that you pay over 12 dollars period for any figure in the Netherlands?
    Good thing there’s Ebay…


    • It’s pretty much the same in the Czech Republic. Even if you’re lucky enough to find a good figure you still have to pay 200 to 300 crowns which would be about 10 to 15 dollars.



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