The Difference Thirty Years Makes

For those who don’t get the reference material of today’s strip, I recommend browsing through the topic  2010 “Vintage” Mailaway: Rocket Firing Boba Fett in the forums.  Specifically noting the poor condition that many of the Fetts are showing up in.  Hasbro’s initial response was much like what  you see above.  As you will read further in the forums, it seems they may actually attempt to rectify the problem…. we shall see.  Mine has yet to arrive.  Rest assured… you will learn of it’s condition when it does.


3 thoughts on “The Difference Thirty Years Makes

  1. My buddy & I both got ours in fine condition. The box on mine was a bit squashed on one side, but it wasn’t where the bubble was. Only some minor scuffing on the buble itself. Of course, I open my stuff so it didn’t matter too much.


  2. I have a friend out in Colorado who got all four that he ordered on the same day. EVERY BOX had one seam busted out! He only had one bubble get crushed, which was the one he opened. I got one of mine in, and the box was in MUCH better shape, yet had two corners crused on opposite ends. I knew that meant that I would have damage, and sure enough, one corner was creased and one was warped.



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