10 thoughts on “Peg Pressure

    • I figure it’s because I don’t collect them. LOL Think I’ve seen pretty much everyone of the UGHs this time around. There just isn’t the market around here for them. The only new item I’ve had trouble finding is the Jabba and that’s pretty much everyone’s problem.


      • If I still collected, you know that you’d probably have to be hooking me up. I’m curious though. I was looking at Rebelscum the other day and it looked like the only vintage prequel figures were UGH? Or will they see a standard release? I kind of wanted the Anakin Skywalker.


        • They are both out… I’ve seen more regular versions than the UGHs. The Prequels are really hanging around over here, guess nobody wants them. I’d look at Wal-Mart first, that’s where I’ve seen the most. Shoot me an email if you decide ya really want him and can’t locate one. I’ll get ya the hook up.


          • Went to Wal-Mart today to get a bag of apples. Saw two Anakins (really great paint job), both UGHs. Hehe. I actually like the prequel sculpts. I also want General Grievous. I may end up sending in for the Boba Fett, even though I don’t collect! I just want a few figures here and there.


            • I was pretty impressed with the Anakin too and have heard the Magna Guard is awesome. I’ve actually not purchased a single one out of that wave but am anxiously awaiting the ROJ. Several good updates in it for the Pub. I’m also still waiting for my Boba to come it. It’s been nearly 8 weeks since my check was cashed so I expect to see it soon. (Crosses Fingers)


              • Since I already have two vintage figures, maybe you can help me out with some POP’s. 😉 Actually, I do remember seeing a Jango Fett. The Gammorean is a must. I’m sure I’ll end up getting at least five though. I did see a magna guard, actually.



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