Things Are Heating Up


8 thoughts on “Things Are Heating Up

  1. Clone Wars is too political and now this. Very funny stuff. I’m not sure who at Hasbro thinks a three month hiatus is a good idea and then flood the market in the last quarter, but they need fired.


  2. Hopefully this is just pre-stock for Black Friday and the Christmas holiday season. There are gong to be a LOT of happy little kiddies getting huge loads of Star Wars toys under the tree this year. Let’s just hope the demand ultimately outweighs the supply. On the plus side, the figures that are available right now are really NICE ones!!!


    • NO!!!! Gah, everything moves so slow here. My girlfriend found R2 but that’s it. I haven’t seen any of this wave yet. It’s awesome being in a location that no one collects at first, but once the shelves get full… forget it, it takes forever to get something. The ROJ wave is the one I need the most… so many new, good sculpts! Can’t wait to get that Gam’ Guard.


      • Since you might live in a different area, you wouldn’t happen to know a store that might have a copy of TFU: Ultimate Sith for the PS3? Seems I was wrong for waiting since I didn’t know they included some gimmicky collector card.



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