Just Say No


8 thoughts on “Just Say No

  1. Yeah, I don’t know about this. Repro weapons are better than nothing. I had to resort to repro weapons for Wicket and Logray from the Ewoks line. The coloring isn’t exactly the same, so a pro can tell they are repro, but sitting on the shelf with everyone else, the repro spear and staff look perfectly fine and make the figure look better. Sorry, Yakface, got to disagree on this one.


  2. You said it Yak! Glad to know your feelings on Repros are the same as mine, Niktom!

    They have a place, a purpose, blah blah blah. With a little time, and patience you CAN find an authentic weapon. Repos are bad for the hobby, and bad for innocent people who get scammed!



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