The New Place

Thanks to “JediCole” and “Mrs. JediCole” for the idea, inspiration, and figure.


10 thoughts on “The New Place

  1. Okay, I almost didn’t catch this… but I have to say my favorite hidden gag is having action figures of two different characters played by the same actor in the last panel. I can just picture them doing a mirror-image version of that “Nahh” take from the opening credits of the A-team, when the Cylon walked by.


  2. Spice Ambrosia still isn’t as good as Apple Pie Moonshine :).

    @BrokenEye, Ambrosia is the drink (sometimes food) of the gods in ancient Greek mythology.


      • Actually… ambrosia is a term used to describe several different things. Primarily… “food of the gods” but it has also been used in the instance of “drink of the gods.” Here is a nice little read and you can see here, the primary definitions as well as synonymous meanings. Sooo… we’re all correct! However, in the instance of this comic… (someone write this down, I’m actually explaining something. LOL) it’s referencing the drink in the New Battle Star Galactica series called ambrosia (it’s alcoholic) which is in turn a reference to being the “drink of the gods.” You only have to watch a few episodes (original or new) to pick up on the heavy mythological tones.



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