Little Orphan Ani

Certainly not an original idea (I think Robot Chicken has done it) but I have yet to see him actually singing.  Maybe E1 would have been better as a musical… nah.  BTW, it was this t-shirt from which I got the idea.  I may need one of these.


6 thoughts on “Little Orphan Ani

  1. “Signing”? I didn’t know Anakin knew Ameslan. 😉

    But I dislike the use of the Jake Lloyd TPM Anakin, on both the tee and in this strip. He may be “Little” but he’s not an “Orphan Ani” until Shmi dies (as in the Robot Chicken skit), so he should be AOTC Hayden by then.

    That may just be me, though. I like my puns to work in both directions, for both the original material and the referent.


    • “Signing”…. “Singing”… he’s making hand gestures. LOL

      Yea, it actually bothered me too as I was shooting it. The only E2 Anakin I have just couldn’t pull off what I wanted plus I had a bit of a morbid one on Wed. My original idea for the E2 was to have Anakin carrying his dead mother all wrapped up… sniffling… singing the song. So I opted for more of an illusion to the future I guess.


  2. Oh, in case that all sounded too negative, I did get a huge grin on the “Suns’ll come out” lyric rewrite. In fact, I think that one panel could stand alone. The second panel doesn’t really up the ante.


  3. Reckon I’m a sicko then – “Fire Sale” made me laugh out loud. “Little Orphan Ani” did too, both panels.

    Today’s is a really good response, btw. 😀



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