The Ride


13 thoughts on “The Ride

  1. Niktom! Where have you been? I thought your were done and that Yakface was on permanent vacation on the warm sand of Tatooine! This strip has your humor and wit all over it – MAN it’s good to see this again. I love it!


  2. Cool! I was inspired by you to start something like this of my own– I call it \”The Clone Trooper Project.\” Yeah, maybe that\’s already taken, i really didn\’t check to see. If you want to see some, just email me @
    I try to make them funny, but they aren\’t nearly as high-quality or professional as yours are– but hey, i\’ve got 98 now! A few are a bit confusing beause of the way the Word bubbles are arranged, unfortunatly. perhaps in the future i will have to number the bubbles. anyway, This was a Great Comic! And yes, i know how long these type of things can take– Multi-parters that contribute to just one comic are just monotonous! Of course, i\’m sure you know a bit MORE about that than me… you\’ve been doing this forever… and me, oh, say, about a month and 1/2! Sorry about long comment. Thanks for doing This Ultra-Cool Comic Strip Series & Site, I love it!


  3. now i’m just waiting for account activation…for the first 30 pics or so i used paint for a word-bubble program… so before warned, although quality of jokes may be better in the early pics, looks and visibility of the first talk-bubbles will not… After that however I got a free photo program called “Photoscape”, after which quality of word bubbles and the ability to do slightly more entertaining photo-effects became much larger. CYA later–StaaViinsZ



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