Jan. 28, 2013 ~ Master Meme


4 thoughts on “Jan. 28, 2013 ~ Master Meme

  1. Hi! I haven’t posted for a good while now.
    I talked to you about my “Inspired” subtitled photos that I made a long while back.
    You told me to join the forum and post them there. Well, I tried, and it told me to await “Approval” or something. I waited forever to get approved, and even sent a messege to them after a few months, and even tried to rejoin. Nothing happened.
    Well, IF you want to take a look at some, they are now posted on http://www.theclonetrooperproject.webs.com in the photos area.
    If you do happen to grace them a look, keep in mind that the eariest ones were made using Paint, and that I had to reduce the quality of the images for them to fit on the website. after a certain number, I started using “PhotoScape”, a free photo editing program, which provided MUCH better text boxes/effects.
    Oh, and not a bad addition to the great library of Photos, Niktom!



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