Then & Now – Prepare Your Men

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Prepare Your Men”  ~  September 19, 2006

Behind the Scenes:

This was a part of the original fifteen Yak’s Pub Comics that were first posted on the forum boards.

9-19-2006aThe Vader/Veers scene makes use of the vintage Star Destroyer playset which you can hardly even recognize due to the close up shot.  A Micro Machines Death Star Playset (also used as a primary piece in the Pub itself) can be seen in the background.  The horrible exposure of the picture is a result of the dark playset, Vader, the use of a flash, and the lacking of proper photo editing software.

My inability to spell and the lack of a photo editor that could spell checks is evident in that prepare was spelled “prepair”.


9-19-2006bThe final frame is updated with better articulated figures, more props, and better color correction.  The Veers figure was replaced with a different variation because I can’t the other one, it may have been sold.

A much less intrusive copyright bug is used in the modern version.


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