Murphy’s Law

Well those of you who know Murphy’s Law will understand why you are reading this. Last night as I sat down to prepare todays strip my computer decided to lose all contact with the outside world. 😦 My work computer doesn’t allow me to access Photobucket (dang fire wall) so all I can do today is say… I’m Sorry… and offer an older pic that I just happen to have the link for and in a way expresses how I feel today.

I do have to say Thanks to Justin at for the front page spill. Those of you reading hear and not at YakFace… what’s your deal? They work really hard day after day to take care of us collectors and keep us in the know. Hats off to the staff, keep up the great work.

So anyway… I’m sorry about not having a new sketch up today (what a way to start the month) and I promise to make it up to all of you, my loyal readers.

~ Niktom

POTF?… more like WTF!


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