Why and where?


6 thoughts on “Why and where?

  1. I never really thought about that. Maybe they were running to the hangars to get on a transport the hell out of there.


  2. Wouldn’t it just be the Titanic all over again? I don’t think there would be enough escape pods or ships for everyone on board to escape. Wasn’t the point of the Death Star to be invincible too, so why would they need to escape from it anyway? I’m probably over analyzing all of this, but I guess that’s what is making it fun.

    Remember in Return of the Jedi when none of the Imperials even bothered to save Vader or apprehend Luke? I think I agree with them scurrying around like a bunch of ants who got their hill stepped on.


  3. Maybe they’re going to the turrets, a hangar, or something similiar? However, I always thoughth why yhe Imperials don’t saved/killed Vader or killed Luke?



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