9 thoughts on “HoopsbroToyShop.com

  1. Ok… yea this one may be on a bit of a tangent for many folks out there. So, I will do something I have never done before. Explain one of my jokes…. I was one of many who ordered the Concept Luke from HasbroToyShop.com and there was a massive ordeal with using a promotional code which resulted in many emails, phone calls, cancellations (hence the hoops to jump through) before he ever arrived. It was a mess and I, nor many other collectors, have ever had to work so hard just to get one figure.


  2. Well done. topical 🙂 i ordered one of these with the code but ended up canceling after the code was canceled. i got one of each from a friend that went to c4 so it worked out. they really screwed up with this promo.


  3. I didn’t get it at first either. I didn’t read the title of the skit either, otherwise I would have known exactly what you were talking about. This is my fault, Nik’. I should have gotten it. :S



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