Powerful Drink


14 thoughts on “Powerful Drink

  1. 😛 Nobody would have noticed if the legs and arms were from a POTF2 Stormtrooper, Nik’. What a waste. 😦 That’s really good though. No fett dude to boot. =]


  2. Not to fret Tenike, that was one of those hideous removable helmet Troopers.
    Morbid? Have you even seen any the Star Wars movies? Someone loses a limb, gets cut in half or blown up in everyone of them. Besides, these are toys… seriously. I also find it very humorous that you called my picture “morbid” and you have the name “thomas_BUBONIC”, talk about morbid.


  3. Oh, good. I thought it would be a VOTC… and we couldn’t have that, now could we.

    Next sketch: Stormtrooper legs walking in the background like the Magnaguards…


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