Smasher Masher

In order to really appreciate this one please take time to read the comments posted on “The 409th” ( 4-29-08 )


11 thoughts on “Smasher Masher

  1. If you look closely at C-3PO’s chest plate, you can see the reflection of Niktom shooting the pictures, just like in the movies 🙂


  2. Yup, that’s me! 🙂 If you look closely you can see me on his head and on R2 too. I hate shooting those two because of that. I did photoshop one of the pics because you could really see me well but I got lazy on the others.


  3. I never thought when I asked an innocent but apparently supremely nitpicky question on the other episode (the 409th) that it would be turned into absolute comedy gold like this. I feel very proprietary about this one!


  4. You should! Thanks for the incredible set up. Nothing better than a screw up on my part turn joke the next week. I was really shocked at the differing names from source to source. My favorite by far is “refuse unit”.



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