I can honestly say, while shooting the first 15 Yak’s Pub strips, I had no idea there would ever be a 500th one.  Thanks for reading and here’s to making it another 500!


21 thoughts on “#500

  1. Ha-ha, cool and well worth the waiting 🙂 Didn’t think at all of looking at the number above the skit… So it’s been so long, uh? How time passes… Congratulations and keep bringing smile to our facec!


  2. Thanks all around gang. I have to say, I owe it to each one of you. If you didn’t read I wouldn’t post. Of course I guess if I didn’t post then you wouldn’t read… hmmmmm…. ok, it’s too late to get that deep. Seriously though, thank you, each one of you for reading. I’m still in a bit of shock with making it to this point. I’ve got plenty more fun stuff planned…. and yes, tomorrow will be the 501st post! Guess I better go get started on it….



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