Todays strip is of course dedicated to The Fighting 501st – Vader’s Legion. Much more than fictional characters in a movie and far greater than a mere fan club. These men and women dress up (in suffocatingly hot uniforms) to serve causes much grander than the Empire. From battling cancer to collecting toys, donating blood, making wishes come true and much much more the 501st bring help to where there is need and always take time to pose for pictures.

We here at Yak’s Pub raise our glasses to you in salute! Thank you for all the hard work and time each of you put in to help make this world a better place.

To learn more about the 501st, the work they do, and find your closest garrison visit: 501stlegion.org


24 thoughts on “501st

  1. Thanks for the tribute. 501st is a great group. We have garrisons around the world and have opportunities I could only have dreamed of as a SW fan. Here in Texas we keep a pretty full schedule doing 1 or 2 events a month. I encourage anyone interested to get involved.

    PR Officer
    Star Garrison
    The Fighting 501st Legion


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  3. awww gee shucks you are gonna make me blush under my armor.
    no wait I think that’s heat stoke.

    Dewback Ridge Squad
    Mountain Garrison


  4. Thanks for the tribute, this is awesome. I have to say, I love the Vader ears…

    Executive Officer
    Southern California Garrison
    501st Legion


  5. Um, the red light on Vaders chest box really shouldn’t be lit and his chin vent looks a bit small for an ESB Vader, but the cape chain is right on!…??…. haha.

    Thx for thinking of the 501st!

    SL 9854


  6. Thanks for the kudos to the 501st.

    We work really hard to make kids, fans andeveryone smile and bring Star Wars to life!

    On to Dragoncon! See you all there

    TK118 – Midwest Garrison!


  7. Thanks for recognizing the 501st Legion! It’s a great privilege to serve those in need!

    San Diego Squad
    Southern California Garrison/501st Legion


  8. Very funny comic and a great tribute to the 50st Legion. Thank you so much. Funny part is I know the Vaders in our Garrison would act this way 😀

    TK/DZ 1217
    Northeast Remnant CO
    501st Legion


  9. LOVE IT! Love your site!!
    Thanks for the tribute to the Legion.
    As you can see by the replies, we’re all happy and to
    be of service-though we consider it a privilage! 🙂

    TB/TI 7433
    Moutain Garrison
    501st Legion


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