Juno’s Occultation


14 thoughts on “Juno’s Occultation

  1. Gonna go with the PS3 version to start. Since I’ve had that expensive piece of crap for 3 weeks now and it won’t play my PS2 games I figure I should get a game for it. 😕 May end up eventually going with the Wii version too but I’m sure Jr will pressure me into getting the DS one before that. I may not get to play the bloody thing till Wed. Have Grad class Tue night and won’t get home till around 11. 😦


  2. No plans for any contests at the time. Of course that can change, you never know. BTW, I think we all know your from Australia now. Especially since you have posted it on three different strips, twice in this one and you go by the user name “Ausy526″. 😆



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