The Third Clue


17 thoughts on “The Third Clue

  1. Well freakin’ crap! Been posting these for two years now and this is a first. I didn’t change the post date on this one and it went up nearly 8 hours early. That just sucks! Oh well.
    He used to watch it all the time. It was a good show back in Steve’s day but that Joe guy just weirds me out.


  2. blaster_e11 said: “maybe i should have nephews because iā€™m lost”

    There’s a show called _Blue’s Clues_ where a dog named Blue gives her master Steve (later replaced by Joe) various clues to tell him what she wants. While Steve is thinking over the clues Blue has given him, he sits in a chair just like the one Mace and Yoda are using in the last picture.


  3. I had a feeling this one might be a little out there for some folks. That chair actually came in a large lot I bought off Ebay. The reason I bought the lot was to get the Waldo figure used in Vader’s Search. There are a couple of other goodies that came with that lot which will pop up in future strips. I’m getting my $4 worth out of that lot!

    Incidentally, here is the reference shot I used for this one.


  4. I have a nice story to go along with that Waldo figure. There were only six produced in the set. Of all six, guess which one is hardest to FIND…. yea, Waldo. Go figure! It took me four months to track that sucker down. I have truly been on “The Great Waldo Search”… and freakin’ won baby! šŸ˜†



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