The Story Unleashed


14 thoughts on “The Story Unleashed

  1. The force unleashed is a great game
    i wish i had that figure ,but they had to release it through GameStop when you get the vedio game when it first came out and know at sddc09 and now you can’t get it unless you have


  2. Whats up with her?
    Couldnt she hear the screams and then the “crash!” when he threw him into the uther guys?
    Poor troops, they dont have anything against you, they just follow orders.


  3. Bad accoustics at Yak’s apparently. That’s funny. I never got the first version, but I got two from HTS. So glad I pre-ordered. They still have a ton left.


  4. just looked it up in Brian’s Toys catalog for $60 dollars to the stormtrooper commander
    i’ll have to check out the star wars shop.


    • Not sure how long you’ve been collecting but I’ll tell ya… Brian’s Toys is one of the highest priced places out there. I use his catalog as a reference of what NOT to pay. I used to do business with him years ago when his prices were reasonable but no longer unless it’s something that I absolutely must have and cannot find anywhere else. I think the last time that situation happened was over six years ago. In this hobby, patients is the key. Shop around, know what your buying, know what you can and want to spend, and don’t go over that.


  5. If all goes well, I am really looking forward to seeing you again @ Fan Days, and actually getting to see The Pub! I may even bring two of my troops- since they are really dying to make a cameo…LOL


  6. I just wish the second one was for PS2. I want the sequel but I’m not paying $300 to get another system just so I can play it.



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