Exclusively Not


11 thoughts on “Exclusively Not

  1. I think these two strips are backwards. While he’s thinking of a comeback he suddenly flies into the air. Is it just me, or were this year’s exclusives a LOT easier to come by after the show than in previous years?


  2. I hate those freaking stickers, man. I was dusting off my concept R2-D2 and C-3PO clamshell the other day, and the sticker came RIGHT OFF! UGH!


  3. Theres something i dont get, cause on Rebelscum.com, Dan Curto states that the Clone Trooper in the first Clone Wars wave is the first of its kind, but the SDCC 2008 exclusive Senate Security came before him.
    Does that make sense?


    • Yes, I stand by that statement 100%. There are only three things that will separate me from my collection. Death, disaster or incredible financial hardship. The stuff I have amassed for Yak’s Pub will pretty much be all sold off when the Pub ends. I have picked up a lot of figures recently due to the total comedic value or to get pack ins. Looking ahead though, I will be getting a considerable break from buying new stuff in the next couple of waves. As for the two exclusives, my son has always wanted the Stormtrooper Commander (he’s a big Force Unleashed fan) and the Luke… seriously, look at him. How could I pass that up?


  4. Niktom, I hope you also got SDCC Exclusive 3 3/4″ Buzz Lightyear, it could be a blast if you could include him in some SW strips…!
    If not, well… who reads these comments anyways…??
    When are you going to post sumthin’ in old BS? we miss ya’!


    • These are the only two I got and I didn’t even go to Comic Con. Hope to one day!

      I stopped in BS the other day but didn’t have time to post anything. With school starting back up, time’s been short. Maybe when things settle down a bit I can get you guys something special over there.



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