Update 1 ~ 1-21-10

Hey gang, just a couple of things to pass along.  I got a great email today from across the pond.  A good friend and long time reader, Incom, put together a little Yak’s Pub tribute video.  I must admit… I teared up.  Thanks Incom… you’re the best buddy!

“Serving up laughs since 2006” has been Nitkom’s credo for his awesome, gorgeous, stunning but most of all hilarious photonovel strip called “Yak’s Pub” He has made literally hundreds of incredible funny one, two and three takes, just by placing the famous vintage Yak Face figure behind some cantina bar sections and placing patrons of all sorts in front of his camera.

I for one very often LMFAO while reading Yak’s Pub and with me so did many more SW fans.

This is my tribute to Yak’s Pub and its creator Niktom, an awesome fellow SW fan and forum member.

Scott, this one’s for you, pal!


On another note… I will have a Yak’s Pub booth at All-Con again this year!  If you’re not familiar with All-Con, then check out thier webpage and you can also view my pics from the past two years.  All-Con 2007 and All-Con 2008

Hope to see some of you there!

~ Niktom