Update 2 ~ 1-23-10

Just wanted to pass along a shout-out for a friend and brag for sec….

I picked up the latest edition (5th) of the Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book by Geoffrey Todd Carlton.

This is a most excellent resource and price guide that boasts over 10,000 photos!  Now, I’ve not counted them all, but I’m willing to trust Todd.  After all, he’s the genius that brings us All-Con each year.  You can swing by his awesome website ( Star Wars Guide for Super Collectors ) and check out what all he has to offer.  There’s a collectors data base, collection traking software, pictures, and a link to order the Collectors Guide.  You can also run a search on Amazon (ISBN 978-1574326345) and pick this puppy up.

Now, on to my bragging part… back in the summer, Todd contacted me and offered a page in the back for an article about Yak’s Pub along side several other articles regarding collectors and their different interests in the Star Wars universe.   Needless to say, I jumped at the chance!  So if you get a chance to pick the book up or pass by it in your local book store be sure to open it up to page 451!

Woowhoo… guess this means that Yak’s Pub has finally been published… kind of.  LOL.  Thanks Todd for the awesome opportunity!

~ Niktom