Thirty Years On The Run

Wow, has it really been 30 years since I sat in a theater as a kid, going slack-jawed over AT-ATs and being blown away by Boba Fett’s awesomeness?  Dang… I’m old!  Thank you George for bringing us the greatest Episode of Star Wars on this day back in 1980!  Here’s to space slugs, carbonite, snowtroopers, Yoda… the puppet, and lightsaber fighting in the dark…. Happy Birthday to The Empire Strikes Back!


5 thoughts on “Thirty Years On The Run

  1. That is funny! I can still remember sitting and watching Empire when I was a kid! Very awesome experience. Then of course going out and getting the toys!!! LOL


  2. Good ol’ Star Garrison. Always lookin for someone… But for 30 years? Even for stormtroopers that’s a long time.



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