Almost There….

With only a couple of weeks to go, I’ve been feverishly getting things ready for the reopening.  Not sure if you are excited… but I am!

Just wanted to run a few things by all you, my loyal fans.

  • New Layout… let me know what ya think! (This is not yet set in stone, big and small changes could occur.)
  • When the Pub reopens we will be moving to a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posting schedule.
  • I’ve finally figured out a way to read the strips chronologically.  Check it out here.
  • Comments can be viewed and left by clicking on the “Comments” link located below and right of each strip.
  • If you see something missing or have a suggestion… let me hear it.

Now… spread the word.  Tell your friends, family, enemies, forum buddies, FaceBook Friends, Twits (is that what a Twitter follower is called?), and anyone else you can find that Yak’s Pub will be back on August 2nd.


12 thoughts on “Almost There….

  1. Woo-hoo! Love the new layout!
    And we can go through the comics chronologically now! Score! OI’ff you’ll excuse me, I have a bunch of old comics to read through again! Yay!!


  2. Hi Niktom!
    Good to hear you will be back with the comics! I love them and check them every other day.
    Any layout will be fine, as long as you maintain your good sense of humor.
    Good luck with cooking up new jokes and scetches!
    Hartelijke groeten,

    The Netherlands


  3. Looks great! Admittedly, I have been “itching” for August 2nd. What’s more, we’ll meet at Celebration V – teacher to teacher 😉


    • LOL… yea, I stopped paying for that domain a while back apparently some Japanese folks were sitting back waiting for it to become available. Guess I need to update my profile.


  4. Oh, that’s really too bad. I was hoping you would be able to make it to CV. Alas! Those dreaded “in-service” days. I feel your pain, my friend, I feel you pain…


  5. Looks great, I can’t wait!

    Nice to see you are going to a more sane publishing schedule (MWF). I was always amazed that you could keep up the daily grind.



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