Difference In Nite and Nation


6 thoughts on “Difference In Nite and Nation

  1. Did you create that label or photoshop it yourself, Nik’? That’s awesome. By the way, do you know of any store around you that might still have an unopened copy of The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition for the PS3? Been looking for once around here and no luck.


    • Photoshoped it. Here’s the three shots it took to create the final frame. Dang, I saw you ask that a while back in a post and totally forgot to check my places around here. Got it written down now. There’s a chance our Wal-Mart has it… they are always keeping stuff around forever!


      • Yep. I recall you saying stuff tended to sit around in your area, so that’s why I asked. 😉

        Good photoshop, by the way. Have you been practicing? Though, shouldn’t there be like a micro-scoping effect on Han due to the water? 😉



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