12 thoughts on “Absentee

        • Neither of those is actually “Star Wars” jokes. Polymerase is associated with DNA & RNA (building blocks of the clones) & the other one…just read it out loud (at least the second half, is the TC also part of the joke in some way Niktom?)


          • So yea… that game is REALLY hard to find. I saw tons of them a while back and of course passed on it myself. Sorry man, looks like they have all been sent back. I checked Amazon and folks want a fortune for it!

            The TC is just the designation of the 501st use for Clone Troopers.


  1. This does raise an interestign question… my son has schoolmates who are identical twins, but they’re in separate classrooms. If one of them were absent the day of photos, since it would be on different pages, would they cheat and use the other one’s photo? Or run it with the ‘not available’ pic? Hmmm.


    • LOL…. I’ve taught six or seven sets of twins over the years and they have all been easily identifiable once you got to know them except for one. To this day, I still can’t tell visually tell them apart and I even had them for two different courses! They both took the classes at the same time so I just sat them at the same table and referred to them as “The Twins”.



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