Revealing the Truth


16 thoughts on “Revealing the Truth

  1. Heh heh, I think that is a vintage one right? hope he is permanently damaged. I guess Palpatine doesn’t realize that this mean Vader did it then. Vader apparently is oblivious the the fact he’s SOL now.


  2. That figure might as well be a lamppost. You could, what, move one arm? Not Kenner’s fault, though. I remember a comment from one guy (who went on to write for Lucasfilm actually) back in the 90’s… “I don’t know how effective a fighting force these elite guards would be, dressed in a bathrobe.”


  3. That was freakin’ hilarious, I laughed out loud at that one.

    And to you vintage haters… you’re going to hell, just so you know.


  4. I’m a real Niktom’s fan from Mexico!
    Don’t worry Niktom, you have never lost your funny man!
    I hope you have many of vintage Royal Guards, personally I love vintage figures!!!


      • I have just some few loose figures (Ree-Yes, Nien Nub, Leia in Poncho, Luke Bespin, Han Solo in Trench Coat, Rebel Commander, Zuckuss, Logray, Squid Head) and some loose cards that I kept for nostalgia. I had a Chewbacca with a shorter leg than the other. Some of the figures included different weapons and maybe the most important detail of these figures is that they don’t have the year and country printed on their legs. I had some very bad bootlegs but I threw away them. Because I live in Juarez, Mexico, I bought the most of my figures in El Paso, Texas, so I have many more Kenner figures than Lily Ledy figures.


        • OMG! A Chewbacca with a short leg… now that’s funny! I’m picturing him running in circles. LOL Well, if you ever get tired of your “nostalgia” I’d entertain the offer to take those cardbacks off your hands. I somehow ended up with a LL Biker Scout. Figure I got him in a lot off Ebay. I also hunted down a 12″ R2… love the way that thing looks. He’s also in rough shape but I’m still happy with him.



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