Park at Own Risk

Today’s strip comes with a little sad news….

As with all good things… they must eventually end.  June will mark the final month of Yak’s Pub.  This won’t be a vacation, break or lull in the action… it will be a permanent closing to new strips.  The site will still remain, comments will still be live, prints will still be available, and Niktom will still be around… just no new comics.   It’s a tough decision but one that’s been in the works for some time now.

Some things to be watching for in the final days…

  • A few scenes from the ill-fated Talent Night III
  • The 1000th Strip!
  • Resolution to some long-time running jokes.
  • New prints to order and maybe… just maybe… possibly, hopefully, maybe even a t-shirt.
  • A MASSIVE Garage Sale

~ Niktom