Final Resting Place


Yak Face…… Himself

Niktom…. Himself

Niktom Jr….. Himself

Lava Vader…… Himself

Darktrooper…. Himself

Tyson (Scout Trooper #1)….. Himself

Coy (Scout Trooper #2)….. Himself

Stormtrooper #1…. Himself

Stormtrooper #2…. Himself

Stormtrooper #3…. Himself

TK-421…. Stormtrooper #2

Vintage Stormtrooper… Himself

JarJar…… Himself

Darth Vader…. Himself

The Emperor….. Himself

Drunken Disgruntled Luke…. Himself

At this point you should realize that the entire cast was represented by themselves with the exception of:

Darth Plagueis the Wise….. Ashes from the fire place.

Thank You

First and foremost to Niktom Jr.  If it were not for that fateful day of sitting on the floor and playing Star Wars, then Yak’s Pub would have never come about.  Thanks buddy for keeping the childhood spirit of Star Wars alive in our household and for reminding me of how much fun it is to play with our toys.

To my new wife… for understanding this strange fascination with action figures that I have and not running away on our first date when I showed up with a Stormtrooper costume in the back seat.

To Em and Ben… thanks for letting me use your toys (even the princess ones) to make my little pictures.

To Bobby and Dru… thanks for watching my booth at conventions, always offering a place to crash, the best llama story ever told.

To Zach at Galactic Productions… thanks for the promotion you’ve given Yak’s Pub and of course all the sweet encounters with so many celebrities.

To Russell (The Toymenator)…. thanks for being one of the best junk dealers around, the endless conversation, and being my go-to-idea guy.

To my close friends… (I was going to put a really long list of names here, and then I figured I would leave someone out, so you guys will have to deal with a group shout out) I want to thank you for the ideas, figures, sets, kind words, constructive criticisms, late night texts, emails, phone calls, pats on the back, good times, laughs, and overall support.

To the gang over at… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over again….you have helped make Yak’s Pub what it is.  From the first fifteen strips, you guys were there with encouragement and spurred me on to keep it going.  The community in the forums is so open, warm, and conducive to creative work.  Thanks especially to Brandon, Justin, and Jayson who have spotted Yak’s Pub on the front page, commented, sent words of encouragement and even helped out in bringing Sean Crawford (Yak Face) to Dallas.

To my friends in The Crimson Novas Squad, Star Garrison and entire 501st …. you guys are amazing.  You work hard, love your hobby and I am honored to be considered among the Friends of the 501st.  You will still find me hanging out at conventions and soon among your ranks as an official member.  Keep up the fantastic work that you do.

To a group of dedicated readers over at… thanks for being one of my biggest all time referrers and for sending the most non-US traffic to Yak’s Pub.  Danke!

To the “Grammar Patrol”… thank you for pointing out nearly every single mistake I have made. 🙂

Finally….. but certainly not least!

To all the readers… THANK YOU!  If it wasn’t for you clicking and making the view count go up every week then this site would have never come into existence.  You guys are awesome and I greatly appreciate you coming back time and time again to see what my twisted mind had cooked up.


No Gungans were actually harmed in the production of this web comic… well, except of course for Jar Jar.

Yak’s Pub by Niktom


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