TN III – Upon A Star

One of my biggest regrets for Yak’s Pub is the fact that the Talent Night Videos never went past two.  I have notes, ideas, sketches, test shots, edited audio and much more that could be used to produce at least three more.  However, due to the shear amount of time it takes to produce only six quality minutes of video and the fact that it has become increasingly more difficult to get any type of copyrighted music uploaded onto the internet, it’s just not worth it.  Personally, I feel that my use of the music falls under “Fair Use”, the music companies, YouTube and all the other services I use see it other wise.

Anyway, here is the first of three strips which came as a direct result of what work has been completed on Talent Night III.

When You Wish upon a Star” ~ by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington, 1940