TN III – Upon A Star

One of my biggest regrets for Yak’s Pub is the fact that the Talent Night Videos never went past two.  I have notes, ideas, sketches, test shots, edited audio and much more that could be used to produce at least three more.  However, due to the shear amount of time it takes to produce only six quality minutes of video and the fact that it has become increasingly more difficult to get any type of copyrighted music uploaded onto the internet, it’s just not worth it.  Personally, I feel that my use of the music falls under “Fair Use”, the music companies, YouTube and all the other services I use see it other wise.

Anyway, here is the first of three strips which came as a direct result of what work has been completed on Talent Night III.

When You Wish upon a Star” ~ by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington, 1940


5 thoughts on “TN III – Upon A Star

  1. Well Niktom, I just got done reading all of the comics from start to finish….I have to admit….I really wish I had known about these as they were coming out on a daily basis. You could be one of the funniest people I have ever met. You took two of my favorite things, Star Wars and Star Wars action figures, and put them together to have a hilarious comic on a daily basis. There were probably only a few that I didn’t think were that funny (the ones with the snow in Yak’s Pub {maybe I just didn’t get them lol}), but overall, this is one of the greatest things related to Star Wars…I am really sad to see the comics go by the wayside here in the coming weeks….I know you said it might be difficult for you to get to Celebration VI, but I really hope you can make it because I would sure love to meet you then.(Not to sound like “stan” from the eminem song lol). and since you are done the site now, i think there is only one thing left for you to do… a real-life “Yak’s Pub!!!!!” I mean think about it, you already have so many faithful folllowers who would come there. you could even get members of the 501st to act out different strips in the actual pub! May 4th could be an annual holiday there!!!! i am just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if nothing else, it would give people a reason to travel to arkansas!!!!) lol

    but seriously though, thanks for all of the laughs, Niktom. And let me know when you are selling off the figures you don’t want (i would be interested in the Galen Marek and Willrow hood figures!!!!)


  2. It make me feel sad inside when reading about how the pub is closing 😦

    I just want to say thank you, Niktom. You’ve given me some good laughs during the approx. two years I’ve known about this comic 🙂


  3. Love it. I am really going to hate to see these go. I think a good final shot would be a close up of Yakface…just before the Pub explodes because Ewoks have found it’s one weakness. The plumbing.



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