TN III – Hero

The third and final Talent Night III strip is what would have been the ending of the video.  Three was going to move away from the format established by one and two, where by a single song started, showed up several times, and then ended the video.  Hope you have enjoyed a little glance of what could (and should) have been.

***Music Continues***

***Fade to Yak’s Pub Logo***

*** Fade to Black***

*** Music Fades***

“Holding Out For A Hero” ~ by Bonnie Tyler, 1984


2 thoughts on “TN III – Hero

  1. I was *trying* to figure out how to use that song in a talent-night style skit. That seriously nails the whole concept right there! I laughed out loud – *at work*!!


  2. Should be – “I need Han Solo! I’m holding out for Han Solo til the end of the night…..” That way you don’t get sued. lol



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