5 thoughts on “Outstanding

  1. Hahaha… “son of a Bith”! I am so glad someone finally used that joke. Many many years ago, I was proofreading a Star Wars novel by Jim Luceno, I forget which one. He was always very open to suggestions, even incorporated a few of mine. In one book, after a bar fight, the heroes are in jail and mention the “poor dumb Bith” who had gotten beaten up. I slyly suggested the line be changed to “poor dumb son of a Bith”, which is what my brain saw it as when I first read it in electronic form. Jim laughed and said he’d love to use a pun like that, but knew it would never get past the editors, so regretfully he didn’t even try it.

    The “children are present” piggyback is great, too.


  2. To quote Qui Gon – There’s always a better stand. Or something like that. Very funny stuff. I’m not looking forward to Last Call.


  3. I stood outside a Target store in the rain on a Saturday morning for more than an hour to get my hands on an exclusive Lava Vader. (That fact is either a badge of honor or undeniable evidence of loserdom, depending on your point of view.) Regardless, I am glad to see Lava Vader achieved these glorious heights of stardom in Yak’s Pub.



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