Stepping Out


10 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. LMAO!!! I love the ending scene. Especially the Jek Porkins and Leia! LOL!! Good job. Too bad its ending though.


  2. The four signs of the impending Yak’s Pub apocalypse: Wicket’s riding a Gonk, Angry Luke’s getting a Wokling drunk, Mork from Ork is the designated driver, and Palpatine shows up cradling the remains of Darth Plagueis the Wise.

    Is WIcket holding a bottle from the McFarlane Bob & Doug McKenzie figures? I thought that cooler in the back of the golf cart the other day looked familiar.


    • Yep, those are complements of Bob and Doug. I don’t actually have the figures, picked up the majority of their accessories in an Ebay lot. I need to Netflix that movie… been waaaay too long.


  3. if the whole “Yak’s Pub is ending” thing was just a big tease that Yak’s Pub is into Jar Jar’s Pub, than it was something I never would have seen coming. But, I know it’s not true.


  4. I think next comes locusts, then the plague…..
    This is great. So much going on it’s hard to comment on it all. I think Alex summed it up well though.



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