16 thoughts on “A-pub-ocalypse

  1. Alex? From Endor Express? Wow, that raises a huge smile… but inside I am still squirming at seeing those burnt Star Wars toys! That’s an old phobia of mine. I can’t believe you did that!


  2. Whoa Oh, take the money and run….
    The Star Tours figure even kind of looks like Alex. Honestly makes me kind of sick seeing all that burned plastic. So is this the final Yak’s Pub? If so, when does the “fire sale” start? 🙂



    I knew the pub was closing, but I had no idea you were gonna BURN it! Man, I thought you would have tucked the set away just for sentimental reasons. Unless, like you said this is the end of Yak’s Pub, only to open a NEW bigger set!


  4. Yeah, I see I’m not the only one who heard Steve Miller Band playing…

    I almost cried at the melted set! But hey – this way you won’t be tempted to pull it out for “just one more strip” and no one fights over having THE AUTHENTIC Yak’s Pub in their possession.

    But yeah – I’m in for the final sale, too.


    • LOL… after a few emails, texts, phone calls, and a few choice words from my wife… I figure I should let everyone know that the True Yak’s Pub set is safe and sound. It will actually become a nice little inclosed display/diorama in my Star Wars room. These are all parts from a secondary set. 🙂


  5. Ah! Hopefully the Pub isn’t really burned. So, there is a chance of coming re-opened, like you said. I was thinking: WTF? He don’t said there is a chance? How if he burned? But now, i know it’s okay. Well, one more and it’s the last strip. Crying a bit more (don’t kidding, it’s true). Well, like some peolpe have said, the closing of the Pub is only to something better, or it’s only a end? Maybe not, if they will rebuild.

    PS:LOL, someone have seen, this Yak figure is cursed! See how the face expression chnages, depending of the situation! See the first and the last image!


  6. And the resolution of some long-running jokes? The scouts and the stand are resoluted, but and the Dak’s Back and Palp’s Pad?


  7. It only took 1 strip for Jarjar to destroy the pub. That means we still have one more strip. My guess is that we see Yak Pub sitting on a beach watching the sun set, with a drink and a briefcase full of cash.


  8. I really wanted to quote Planet of the Apes. You maniacs! You blew it up! I won’t finish the quote, this is a family show after all. Glad to know the real set is ok and will be safe in the Niktomsonian Museum.



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